18:10 Train to Chiang Mai

The 18.10 train to Chiang Mai is one of the two most popular overnight trains to Chiang Mai for foreign visitors.


Train Information

The 18.10 train to Chiang Mai is the joint most popular train with the 19.35 train to Chiang Mai for passengers travelling overnight. Both the 18.10 and 19.35 departures are scheduled to take 13 hours and 5 minutes, an hour or more quicker than the other two overnight trains.

Train: Service: Departure: Arrival: Journey:
9 Special Express 18.10 07.15 13 hours 05 minutes
Stops: Inc Meals: Sleeper: Dining Car: Freight Car:
18 No Yes Yes No

The 18.10 train is likely to suit passengers travelling solo or couples better than the 19.35 train because of the configuration of the seats in the sleeper carriages. The 2nd sleeper seats on the 18.10 train are arranged with two seats facing each other with an aisle in the middle of the train. The 19.35 departure has 2nd class sleeper seats in groups of four which better suits families and larger groups travelling together.


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Ticket Price

Prices for the Train at 18.10

Seat Type Online Price
1st Class AC Sleeper 1,703 THB
2nd Class AC Sleeper 1,131 THB

Journey time

Seat Types on Train #9

Train #9 is a fully air-conditioned train with only the best seat types available:

  • 1st Class AC Sleeper
  • 2nd Class AC Sleeper

Train #9 uses the new train carriages acquired in 2o16 by the State Railways of Thailand. These carriages are the best quality of all Thailand’s passenger trains.

2nd class air-conditioned seats on Train #9

These new style carriages feature are 100% air-conditioned and feature only first and second class sleeper berths. There are no 3rd class carriages on this train or seat only option. The 2nd Class AC Sleeper berths are arranged in the same way as on other older train models, with bunk beds separated by central walk way. 2nd Class AC Sleeper berths have their own privacy curtain, 1st Class AC Sleeper have their own lockable door.


Food on Train #9

There are two options for food on Train #9: bring your own, or use the restaurant car. Train #9 is one of the premium train services using Thailand’s new trains and they are not allowing people onto this train to sell food and drink. The restaurant car will stay open until 21.00 maybe slightly later. The restaurant car has a full menu with snacks and more substantial meals for sale.

Restaurant car in Train #9

Restaurant car in Train #9

The food on the train is slightly more expensive than you might normally pay in a small sit down restaurant in Thailand and the food is OK, but not great. If you are on a budget or simply fancy buying something other than Thai food, consider purchasing food to bring with you or having an early dinner. There are a range of places to buy food in or near Bangkok Train Station.

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Facilities on Train #9

Other than the restaurant car, and two sets of toilets per carriage, there are no other facilities on this train. Train #9 has no freight car and you cannot transport bicycles and other oversized items on this train.

Train #9 ready to depart from Bangkok Train Station

Train #9 ready to depart from Bangkok Train Station


Timetable to Chiang Mai

Bangkok Sam Sen Bang Sue Nikhom Rotphai Bang Khen
18.10 18.23 18.31  18.43
Lak Si Don Muang Rangsit Ayutthaya Ban Phachi
18.49 18.55 19.06 19.44
Tha Rua Ban Mo Lop Buri Ban Mi Chong Khae
Ban Takhli Nong Pho Nakhon Sawan Pak Nam Pho Chumsaeng
Bang Mun Nak Taphan Hin Phichit Bang Krathum Phitsanulok
Phrom Phiram Nong Tom Phichai Ban Dara Tha Sak
Tron Uttaradit Sila At Den Chai Ban Pin
01.44 02.48
Mae Mo Nakhon Lampang Khun Tan Lamphun Chiang Mai
04.57 06.01 06.50 07.15 


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