13:45 Train to Chiang Mai

This is the slowest service from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and the least popular of the five intercity train services from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with foreign visitors. 


Train Information

The carriages which are used on this particular service are amongst the oldest in the rolling stock used by State Railways of Thailand for intercity services in Thailand. The train does though have a restaurant car and usually one or two fan cooled sleeper carriages. The other carriages have second and third class fan seats.

Train: Service: Departure: Arrival: Journey:
109 Rapid 13.45 04.05 14 hrs 20 min
Stops: Inc Meals: Sleeper: Dining Car: Freight Car:
40 No Yes Yes Yes

This tends to be the train which foreign visitors book when sleeper seats on the other departures are already fully booked.


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Ticket Price

Prices for the 13.45 train

Seat Type Online Price
2nd Class Fan Sleeper 791 THB

Journey time

Seat Types on Train #109

Train #109 is a non air-conditioned train with three seat types:

  • 2nd Class Fan Sleeper
  • 2nd Class Fan Seat
  • 3rd Class Fan Seat
2nd Class Fan Seats on Train #109

2nd Class Fan Seats on Train #109

The carriages used on this service are old and the condition of the seating and facilities is worse than any of the other trains travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The majority of the travellers using this train are heading to one of the smaller stations on route. Train #109 stops at stations which other trains to Chiang Mai do not. 


Food on Train #109

Train #109 has a restaurant car which stays open until 21:00. The menu includes set meals and individual dishes. The food is Thai food which chicken, pork and seafood available. Expect to pay around 150 THB per person for a meal. Soft drinks are sold but since 2014 the consumption of alcohol has been banned on all Thai trains.

Restaurant car on the 13.45 train to Chiang Mai

Restaurant car on the 13.45 train to Chiang Mai

For a wider range of cheaper dishes you can buy food from the vendors who get on and off the train on route. Hot and cold food is normally sold for as little as 10 THB per portion. Common train vendor food includes: fried chicken and sticky rice, Phad Thai noodles, and minced pork fried with basil in a plastic container with rice. On Train #109 you can eat very well without ever needing to leave your seat.

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Facilities on Train #109

In addition to the restaurant car this train also has a freight car. Freight cars are where you can transport items bigger than a suitcase which the State Railways of Thailand will not allow you to carry onto the train, and this includes bicycles. If you want to make use of the freight car you need to pay a fee for the transport of your possessions. This payment needs to be made at the Parcels Office in the station on the day that you travel.

2nd Class Fan Sleeper Seats on the 13.45 to Chiang Mai

2nd Class Fan Sleeper Seats on the 13.45 to Chiang Mai

For bicycles you must travel on the same train as the bicycle, and you can normally be guaranteed to be able to get your bike into the freight car on Tran #109, making the 13.45 train an ideal choice if you are travelling with a bicycle, or a motorbike to which the same rules apply. There two toilets at the end of each carriage, one of which will be a ‘Western’ style toilet and the other a Thai style toilet.


Timetable to Chiang Mai

Bangkok Sam Sen Bang Sue Nikhom Rotphai  Bang Khen
13.45 13.58  14.06 14.13  14.19 
Lak Si Don Muang Rangsit Ayutthaya Ban Phachi
14.26 14.33 14.42 15.17 15.36 
Tha Rua Ban Mo Lop Buri Ban Mi Chong Khae
15.50 15.57 16.21 16.49 17.12 
Ban Takhli Nong Pho Nakhon Sawan Pak Nam Pho Chumsaeng
17.27 17.50 18.02 18.33 19.02
Bang Mun Nak Taphan Hin Phichit Bang Krathum Phitsanulok
19.17 19.36 19.59 20.13 20.35
Phrom Phiram Nong Tom Phichai Ban Dara Tha Sak
20.57 21.12 21.34 21.46 21.52
Tron Uttaradit Sila At Den Chai Ban Pin
22.06 22.20 22.27 23.39 00.16 
Mae Mo Nakhon Lampang Khun Tan Lamphun  Chiang Mai 
01.18 01.18 02.57 03.43 04.05



Pictures of Train #109 to Chiang Mai

The 13.45 train to Chiang Mai is a Rapid service on an older style of train

The 13.45 train to Chiang Mai is a Rapid service on an older style of train

3rd Class Fan Seats are the cheapest on Train #109

3rd Class Fan Seats are the cheapest on Train #109

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